Other Great Blogs

Below you will find listed a number of blogs that write about similar topics or from which I hope to find some inspiration…

  1. Emmenation — Emmenation is a great body image positive blog. My favorite thing about this blog is the #BodyBeautiful body image series, because I hope to do a series on how media influences body image.
  2. The Militant Baker — The Militant Baker is a body image and fashion blogger whose posts tend to focus on encouraging change in the way we think as individuals about ourselves. Her posts will definitely help me gain some perspective on topics I am not familiar with.
  3. Garner Style — Garner Style is more of an advice based blog, however the premise behind the blog is that it encourages the idea that fashion can be worn by people of all shapes and sizes… not just those typically portrayed in media.
  4. Common Sense Media — The Common Sense Media blog focuses on media messages such as gender stereotypes and over sexualization of children in media. They offer a ton of posts that will help me brainstorm controversial things happening in media to write about as well as insight on the topics.
  5. About-Face Blog — About-Face offers a wide range of posts also regarding resisting media messages and is aimed specifically towards women and girls.
  6. Eating Disorder Hope — The Eating Disorder Hope blog is not exactly similar to my blog in content, however I plan to use this blog to learn about the impact that media and beauty standards can have on an individuals health and wellbeing.
  7. Do The Hotpants — Do the Hotpants is another blog that allows people to share their stories of struggle with body image and beauty ideals. It is also a great resource to connect to other similar blogs.
  8. The Body Is Not An Apology — The Body Is Not An  Apology covers a huge range of issues with body image and media. This is where I began to learn about the Westernization of Asian beauty ideals.
  9. Beauty is Boring — Beauty is Boring is more photography based… but the concept behind the photos is that beauty can be created it is not a standard to fit into.
  10. Musings & Inklings — Musings & Inklings covers a wide range of topics and has some posts that are more on the advice-giving end of the spectrum… but a lot of the posts also focus on ideals such as westernization and the plastic surgery craze in South Korea.

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