Though a lot of attention is usually focused on the negative aspects of advertising, media and its relationship with body image and beauty standards, a recent campaign is taking strides to change the negative perception.

Model Shaun Ross, who has albinism, has gained a lot of attention in recent years for his “In My Skin I Win” movement.


Shanae Nae / Shanae Nae/BFAnyc.com

Ross has been featured in music videos with artists like Beyonce and Katy Perry, as well as featured on the cover of various magazines. According to BuzzFeed, Ross started the campaign after a mother of a young girl who also has albinism wrote to Ross and asked him to offer her daughter words of support.

According to the movement’s website, the mission is not to end bullying entirely, but rather it… “is a movement for anyone who has ever felt defeated by a negative social construct of what beauty actually should be. Beauty is you and what you make from your confidence in your own perfectly imperfect body. Together, if we encourage others to love what they see when they look at themselves, we can win in our skin.”

Another focus of Ross’s campaign, BuzzFeed notes, is “to raise awareness about the persecution of people with albinism in parts of Africa — particularly in Tanzania where albinos are believed to possess magical, shamanistic powers and body parts have been sold for “good luck.”

People seem to be responding well to Ross’s campaign, posting photographs of themselves using the hashtag #InMySkinIWin.

from InMySkinIWin.com

from InMySkinIWin.com

As you can see, the movement has gained support a wide range of people, and paired with Ross’s breakthrough in such a usually narrow standard industry provides hope for the change that it desperately needs.


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