Photoshop Strikes Again

Model Gigi Hadid has literally blown up in exposure and fan adoration over the last year, and we are seeing her everywhere… in music videos, on social media, as a Victoria’s Secret model, and on various magazine covers. However to no surprise in the beauty and fashion industry, the version of Gigi we are presented differs from real life… but not in the way you would expect.

Today, Cosmopolitan Magazine published an article titled “16 Photos of Gigi Hadid You Never Knew Were Photoshopped Until Now”. The title is quite accurate I must admit because I was surprised at what the fashion and beauty industries are willing to Photoshop off a model.

Cosmopolitan first shows Hadid as she posts herself on her personal account, without Photoshop, and baring her many beauty marks for the world proudly.


These beauty marks however are an apparent flaw in they eyes of the industry because they seem to disappear in the covers, advertisements, and campaigns that Hadid is featured on.

IMG_2366 IMG_2364 IMG_2363

The model is shown with flawless skin, further reinforcing the fact that fashion and beauty industries create a standard which is unobtainable even for those who portray it. You cannot only be too fat or too thin, but your skin can be too freckled, too. Why change something that made the model both unique and beautiful? Maybe without unnecessary Photoshopping, people would be able to embrace their own “flaws” as individuality and form a wider perception of what beauty really means.

IMG_2359 (2)

However, there is a little bit of hope,  thankfully Maybelline left the model’s beauty marks intact in this recent advertisement.


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