#AerieMan Embraces The Dadbod

The brand Aerie has been setting standards in the fashion industry for a little while now by creating campaigns and advertisements for their women’s line sans Photoshop. The brand’s demographic is mainly high school and college age females, who according to numerous studies are the most influenced by images they see in advertisements and media. This, obviously is a great movement towards an overall healthier and more realistic representation of body image in media.

Women however, are not the only gender facing body image issues as I have discussed in previous posts…men too feel pressure to conform to societal standards. Aerie has that covered though, the brand recently launched a #AerieMAN campaign with a similar goal in mind– to feature male bodies as they truly are, unretouched and in various shapes and sizes — dadbod and all.

Check out this video introducing their new #AerieMan line

Here are some of the models featured in the campaign…


Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy

Photo: Courtesy   

Kelvin, the model featured in the bright teal boxers and fedora told Yahoo! Style he hopes to inspire others to be more confident in themselves by sharing himself unretouched… “Personally, style has made me more confident in life. If you don’t have the confidence in what you wear, it’s going to show.”

Kelvin makes a great point… inspiring confidence in people by representing them in media instead of perpetuating an unobtainable ideal is exactly what consumers need. So kudos to Aerie for making strides towards a more industry positive for not only women but also men… who are often overlooked when it comes to body image issues.


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